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It’s common for me to post articles on behalf of animals looking for forever homes. I have never posted about animals looking for assistance in other ways.

In my Sealy Dog Bed post, I wrote of the good work Sealy Dog Bed does with their #CareForDogs Campaign.

Pedro’s humom is a good friend of mine on Twitter, she is hoping to get a Sealy Dog Bed for Pedro to assist him to be more comfortable in his health challenged life. I hope you will take the time to read his story, share it, and help if you can.


Pedro’s story written by his human mom Marilyn:

“I have two dogs, but Pedro is my first love. I guess he’s been through so much in his short life and so there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him. He has my heart completely.

In 2000 the apartment I was living in decided to allow dogs. I can’t tell you how excited I was. My whole life I wanted a dog. Daily I was searching Pet Finder online. Then one day I saw him. Pedro was living in foster care through a shelter called Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals. They had a reputation of getting dogs from high kill places. They brought Pedro to our house for a Foster to Adoption trial. He was only 3, and had been through so much. He came from the state of Washington, found as a stray, unclaimed and was about to be euthanized until OFOSA saved him.
He had been in foster care for nine months, adopted twice and returned twice. He had been attacked by a large dog in foster and lost one of his eyes in the process. I was in love and knew he belonged with me. Half a year later, my husband and I went to the Oregon Humane Society and adopted Pedro’s sister Bella who also had a hard life’s journey.

We have since moved and one would of thought things would be better, but a year ago Pedro got really sick. He was getting thin and was on deaths door when he was diagnosed with Diabetes. Twice a day he has his insulin shots and has come back strong. We are now being told that the disease could take the sight from his one eye. He has been through so much but brings so much joy. I am glad we found him or should say that I am glad he found us. He would really love to have a Sealy Dog Bed. It would be nice to see him comfortable and happy. He surely deserves that..”

Visit “Sealy Dog Bed for Pedro”


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Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. Thanks so much for your help getting Pedro his bed. As you know,he went over OTRB on July 8th 2014. I appreciate you’re being there for me and for all the happiness your Edie gives me.

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    • I was heartbroken when Pedro went OTRB.
      You are always so very kind to Edie.

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