PetSafe CozyUp Wood Pet Steps

Big dog, little dog, cat or kitten, our pets love to be with us and that includes snuggling on the couch or napping in our beds. But no matter where our pets choose to get comfortable, making sure they do it safely is priority.

With two dogs and a cat, all ranging in age from three to 16 years, I have to consider not only young bones, but aging and arthritic ones as well.

Call my pets spoiled, but it’s rare for them to lay on the floor. Instead, you will most likely find my dogs, and the cat for that matter, laying next to me on the couch.

PetSafe CozyUp Wood Pet Steps

Once my dogs figured out how to jump high enough to get up on a couch or chair, there was no keeping them off. Who could blame them? Why lay on the floor when they could find comfort next to us on the furniture. To be honest, I enjoy the warmth and comfort of having my dogs and cat next to me. But their safety will always be my top priority. 

Concerned about the effects that jumping up and down from furniture could have on my dog’s joints, legs, hips and backs, I taught them at an early age, to wait before jumping on and off of couches and chairs. So before they take the leap, I could step in to support and lift them. But even with the best training, all it takes is one squirrel to pass by a window for them to forget their wait command, and off they would leap without assistance.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of PetSafe Canada. I only share products that I would use for my own pets, myself, or I believe would be of interest to my readers.

PetSafe CozyUp Wood Pet Steps

PetSafe Canada understands the importance of keeping our pets safe. And with products such as the CozyUp Wood Pet Steps, I possess one more tool to help me, help my pets be safe.

PetSafe CozyUp Wood Pet Steps

Now, when I can’t get to my dogs in time to lift them safely, the CozyUp Wood Steps from PetSafe make it easier and safer for my dogs to get up and down on their own. 

Features of PetSafe’s CozyUp Wood Pet Steps

Available in two sizes:

Two steps: 14” high, that hold pets up to 120 lbs in weight.

Three steps:  21” high, that hold pets up to 200 lbs in weight. 

I choose the larger steps of the two. Obviously not based on weight as my dogs are small, but based on the height of the furniture where the steps will be used.

PetSafe CozyUp Wood Pet Steps

No Slip Carpet Cover:

Each step is covered with carpet that is solidly attached to help keep your dog or cat from slipping, giving them the traction needed when going down the steps. 

An important feature for me is the depth of the steps. Steps must be deep enough so my dogs feel comfortable enough to walk down the steps, and not jump down and over them.

Protective Pads:

Concerned about scratches on your hardwood floors? Included are protective pads that can be applied to help keep the steps in place on carpet, and avoid scratches.

For added safety, I place a carpet under the steps so when the dogs step down, they would land on carpet and not potentially slip on the hardwood flooring.

Design and Cleaning:

The CozyUp Wood Pet Steps are furniture grade tongue-and-goove assembly. Solid wood with a durable polyurethane finish. Clean up is easy, just wiped wood with a damp cloth, and vacuum and spot clean the carpet.


As for appearance, I see no reason why function and style can’t go hand in hand, even when it comes to pet merchandise. With a cherry wood finish, the CozyUp Wood Pet Steps fit nicely in to my home’s decor.

Learn more details and ordering information about the PetSafe CozyUp Wood Pet Steps, and other PetSafe ramps and stairs products .

Author: Kelly Harding

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