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Pooch Patch

The backyard in a box that’s delivered right to your door!


My first thought when seeing a photo of the Pooch Patch on Instagram was this could be a great product for Edie to use during the wet, snowy, cold Canadian winter months. But then I thought, why limit it to only half of the year? For squishy-faced dogs like Edie, the recent heat wave and extreme heat alerts can be a health concern. In these extreme weather conditions I cannot walk Edie for any great length of time without risk to her health. But what if I had a product like the Pooch Patch that she could use to relieve herself on without the need of a walk? Of course the deciding factor of whether the Pooch Patch would be a hit or not was going to be left up to Edie.

Pooch Patch Review #sp

Pooch Patch

Unlike dogs that live in condos and apartments, Edie does have a backyard that she can use at her leisure to go potty. However, Edie can be stubborn at times and refuse to put her paws on the grass. There have been times I’ve begged, pleaded, even gone as far as picking Edie up and carrying her onto the grass just to get her to relieve herself. But Edie being Edie, she will refuse to go on the grass if it is too wet, too muddy, too snowy or too icy. Spoiled I know!

The first thing Edie did when we received delivery of the Pooch Patch was to walk right over and sit on it! But what would she do when I placed it outside and expect her to pee on it?

Pooch Patch Review #sp

I think I’m going to like this!


I placed the Pooch Patch on my patio. Edie sniffed it, sat on it, laid on it, but wasn’t quiet sure what was expected of her. When Edie stood on it I told her to “go pee”, but I can only figure she was wondering why she would go on this 18×24” piece of grass when she has an entire backyard? I didn’t think she was going to take to the Pooch Patch.

But then it rained! Lots of rain!

Edie is not impressed by rain, the possibility of having her paws get wet, or heaven forbid muddy.She will literally hold off going pee if it means walking on wet grass to do her business. Edie has been known to hide under our garden table just to avoid getting wet from the rain or snow.

She is very sneaky about avoiding, well, voiding 😉

Pooch Patch Review #sp

I can go potty without getting wet in the rain!


I moved the Pooch Patch under the garden table where Edie likes to hide, and guess what? She hoped right on to it and peed! I honestly don’t know who was more excited? Edie, because she didn’t have to get wet to go pee, or me, because I finally found a product that Edie can use in wet and cold weather!

Pooch Patch is the brain wave of Adam, Mike, and their dogs Moose and Shanks. Adam and Mike both live in high-rise condos and found it difficult at times to get Moose and Shanks down and outside to do their business. They tried other products without success and that’s when Adam and Mike decided to build a mini backyard in a box for their balconies.

Pooch Patch is available in two sizes, 18×24 and 36×24 for larger dogs. You can opt for a one-time purchase, or an automatic delivery once every two weeks. The grass can be composted and the box recycled.

I questioned how I was going to get fresh grass in the middle of a Canadian winter, but was told I need not worry! The grass for the Pooch Patch is grown year round in a greenhouse, so no matter the weather, your dog will always have grass to “go” on.

The Pooch Patch is an alertenative for those in condos, apartments, training puppies, or even for those like Edie that already have a garden, but don’t like to get wet!

Another bonus with the Pooch Patch, I may be able to save my grass from those yellowed burnt urine patches!

Does your dog mind going out in the heat, rain or snow to go potty?

I received the Pooch Patch in exchange for my honest review. I only share information on products that I would use for my pets. All opinions are mine and do not reflect those of Pooch Patch.


Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. Mr. N is pretty good about going out in all kinds of weather but when I see those photos of people who have several feet of snow, I understand why some people have indoor potties.

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    • We’ve been having crazy weather swings here lately! Once day it’s mild, the next day below freezing and snow! So for dogs like Edie that are fussy about the weather, the Pooch Patch works well for her.

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  2. I ordered the pooch patch to try as well. They delivered right to my unit in my condo which was nice! I had difficulties getting Panda to pee on it – we weren’t successful at all 🙁 I’m going to order another one and try again with winter coming up 🙂

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    • I think Edie took to the pooch patch so quickly because she prefers to do her “business” on grass. She also does not like going potty in the rain! So by placing the pooch patch in a spot where she was out of the elements helped.

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