Pug on the Hot Seat – Interview with Dr. R. Llera

Last week I had the pawleasure of interviewing Dr. Ryan Llera and asking him all the questions pets want to know about our vet and the reasons they do the things they do to us during our visits.

Today the examination table is turned and Dr. Llera asks me the tough questions!


1) What’s it like living with 2 cats?

When they are not sleeping in my bed or taking my humans attention away from me they’re ok.


Lily Cat


Lloyd Cat


They have a box in the basement I sometimes try to clean out for them but I get in trouble for that 😉


I also like it when they don’t clean their food dishes out *licks lips*

Lily and Lloyd have lived with me all my life, so I would be lost without them – but don’t tells anyone I woofed that.


2) When not cheering on your fellow pugs, who do you really hope wins the big dog shows?

Oh that’s a difficult question. I have a furfriend that is a Border Collie and one that is a Newfoundlander, but my humom and I have a soft spot for Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds.


3) What’s the worst part of going to the vet?  (Is it the scale, the thermometer, needles, or something else?)

Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes 😉


Actually, I don’t mind going to visit my vet, everyone is very nice to me and I get lots of attention and cuddles – BUT, I have a real problem with that thermometer, do you think you could warm it up at least?

And I don’t like having my nails trimmed – I have sensitive toes.

The scariest part is for me is when they have to take me into the “back room” away from my humom!


4a) What would you like to tell other pet owners?

I would tell other pet parents that stopping by my vets office when it’s not for a visit that includes needles or when I’m unwell helps to make the visit fun and not a scary place.

Sometimes I go with my humom for the drive (I do love a car ride!) and we just stop in to pick up food, or to step on the scales to keep a check on my weight. That way I associate it with fun and cuddles!

And yes, the treat jar is a great perk 😉


4b) What would you tell veterinarians that would make a visit better?


Me with my Vets getting belly rubs

I’m fortunate to have wonderful vets and the staff is always friendly and make me feel comfortable.

I think it’s our humans that need to be comforted more, if they are relaxed and feel like everything is going to be ok, then us pets will be relaxed too.

Maybe there should be a treat jar for the humans!


5) What is your favorite toy and why?


Do I have to pick just one?

When I watch TV, yes I watch TV, especially commercials with animals in them I would go crazy!

When a Telus commercial comes on with the critters in it I would actually cry (you’re not going to print that part are you?) because I want them to come out of that box and play with me!

I was a very lucky pug and the nice humans at Telus sent me my very own critter to play with.

My critter is never out of my sight.


6) Do you have your own bed or does humom & hudad let you share theirs?


I have had my own bed since I choose my humans 4 years ago, as much as I would love to cuddle in the bed with them I like my own space to stretch out and I don’t have to fight for the blankets.

Besides, no one snores in my bed 😉


7)What’s the hardest part of being a pug? (this could be tough because being a pug is so awesome!)

Wow, that’s a difficult question! The hardest part of being a pug is we can never have enough love and attention from our humans.

Oh, and we can never have enough treats 😉


8) How did you get started on having your own Twitter, Facebook, etc.?  


Because I’m a very social pug, and I have so much to woof about, my humom helped me set up my own Twitter account just after my 2nd barkday, and of course what’s a pug without a blog, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest account?


9) Aside from helping out with the OSPCA, what else do you want to share with pets & people to make their lives better?

I don’t know that I can make pets or human’s lives better, but if I can make someone smile than that’s all that really matters.



10) Do you have other goals you hope to accomplish?

In no particular order:

1) Finding a way to get the treats from the top of the fridge

2) More car rides – preferably to the pet store to get more toysEdie's pink toy

3) Meeting and making new friends

4) Having my pug face on the Royal Canin food bagIMG_9440


5) Becoming the first Telus pug critterIMG_2461



I’ve had a great time over the past 2 weeks interviewing and being interviewed by Dr. Llera and I would like to thank him  for not making this interview too difficult or embarrassing for this pug 🙂

Please check out Dr. Ryan Llera on Twitter, his Blog, and his Facebook page – he will be sure to entertain and educate!


Author: Kelly Harding

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