Renovations with Pets – Week 1

The time has finally arrived and we are doing home renovations.

I’ve been waiting what seems like a lifetime for this day.

My new kitchen!!!

Updated basement!!!

I have decided to share my experience over the weeks and more likely, months, of my home renovations with pets and how long the humans can remain sane during the process. And of course I will interpret on behalf of Miss Edie and our cats, Lily and Lloyd as they share their thoughts throughout. 

Renovations in it’s self can be a trying time for anyone with the stress of having your life and your home in total chaos; not being able to find anything; the feeling of never having a clean house again. The mess! Oh the mess! 

Where do the food dishes go?

Renos with pets

I have to eat with the fish now?!

What about the cat boxes – where do they go?

Especially with a pug that insists on cleaning it 😉


The pressure of  keeping bits and pieces cleaned up off the floor so none of the 4 legged family members try to eat or step on anything they shouldn’t.

Dusty paw prints throughout the house- now’s a good time for everyone to buy stock in Swiffers 😉

Constantly being on door and open window watch so that no pet escapes.


I swore I would not complain because the end results would outweigh any turmoil I/we/the family and pets would go through.

This is my diary, my life, my renovations with pets, and how we manage along the way.

Wish us luck!

Day 1: October 26th, 2015

Kitchen window replacement

Weather: Autumn like +10C , bonus it’s not raining.

Window out quicker than a bad tooth at the dentist!


Both cats still accounted for – no escapes through the hole in the wall 😉


Pug ready and willing to help at a moments notice!


Window finally in – Taking longer than what it feels like to be in the dentist chair getting that tooth out.


Edie and Lloyd cat wondering what’s going on and wanting to know where their food dishes have gone.


Lily cat could care less and just wants to know when it will be over so she can sleep in peace.


Did I mention the mess?



Day 1 completed and 8 hours later I have a new kitchen window!

I still have a kitchen to clean, dust to wipe up throughout the entire house, and floors to mop,


  • No pets have been lost or escaped!
  • No pets have eaten or stepped on anything they shouldn’t have!
  • All pets have found their litter boxes!

Renovating with Pets Day 1: Successful

Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. How exciting, a new kitchen!! I’m hoping (praying) we can do our kitchen next year, it needs a facelift in the worst way! Your new kitchen window is gorgeous, I love those type of windows. Renovations are no fun, but especially with pets! I’m glad you’re being extra cautious, reno crews are known for leaving the front and back doors wide open to make carrying in supplies easier – invariably someone forgets to close a door and a pet runs out. We’ve gotten a lot of dogs at the shelter that way; one guy literally found his Rhodesian Ridgeback at our shelter moments before his adoption to someone else was completed! Lucky guy, lucky dog.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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    • As excited as we are to finally be able to do these upgrades to our home, it’s going to be challenging with the pets to say the least. I believe keeping close attention to doors being left open and cats not running out will be the most challenging.

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  2. Sounds like a good start to your renovation projects! I’ve lived through a lot of renovations and it is not easy, but it is worth it! Good job keeping track of the pets.

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