Renovations with Pets – Week 3

We are at the end of another week of renovations with pets.

It was not exactly the quietest renovation week;  staircases being removed, walls being drilled, pugs insisting on watching and helping with renovations 😉

As excited as I am to finally get my home improvements, being housebound to a small section of the house with a pug and 2 cats can make for a long day. Miss Edie was not impressed being barricaded like a toddler in a playpen.

Renovations with Pets

But I can help!

However, Edie did enjoy supervising the staircase being removed from the kitchen .

Renovations with Pets

Are you sure I can’t help you?

Renovations with Pets

That’s a BIG hole! I should show the cats 😉











My biggest fear during the renovations has been the cats. Would they get frightened and run out a door? Would having their routine interrupted cause them stress? It appears my fears have been put to rest.

Lily just loves it when workers come to the house! Lily’s never been a cat to cuddle up, but have a repair man enter the house and Lily’s ready to greet them at the door!

Renovations with Pets

Can I open the door for you?

Lloyd cat is another story. Lloyd’s nickname is “Scaredy Cat”.

Since Lloyd was a kitten, he feared anyone new that came into the house. Hiding under beds and furniture, Lloyd would not come out until this intruder left his domain.

Well I’m pleased to say Lloyd is handling the noise of the renovations and these strangers coming into his house very well 😉

Renovations with Pets

Wake me when their gone

My renovations are no where near the end, kind of like the mess and dust I’m living in right now. I’m beginning to panic as I see Christmas commercials on t.v and think will I ever have my house back in time to put up the Christmas tree or have a place to serve dinner.

I did say I would end each week on a positive note and my positive for the end of this week is:

It’s November 13th and still NO snow in the forecast!



Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. I remember when we renovated our home, oh the upheaval and the drywall dust! Good luck with everything.

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    • Thank you Catherine. Everyday is a new experience.

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