Renovations with Pets – Week 4

I can’t believe we’re already in the 4th week of Renovations with Pets.

This week I will not complain (as much), about sharing my bathroom with 2 cat litter boxes because I’m beginning to think it’s not as bad as the drywall dust that’s going throughout the house and the paw prints that go with it.

Edie and the cats, Lily and Lloyd, have been for the most part cooperative. Edie’s initial excitement of having “guests” arrive at her door each morning is starting to wear off, she doesn’t even bother to greet them anymore.

Lloyd who is the biggest scaredy cat of all has even graced the workers with his presence.

Renovations with Pets

I’m not afraid anymore!

Edie is happy that on occasion I remove the barricade of boxes that prevent her from sneaking downstair to go for a visit.

Renovations with Pets

Can we move the boxes now? I won’t go downstairs 😉

In the evenings Lily likes to inspect the days work and leave her drywall dust paw print of approval.

Renovations with Pets

Let me inspect todays work

I’ve all but given up on cleaning. It’s become next to impossible. But Edie has made it her mission to taste test all the bits and pieces of drywall and other renovation tidbits – not to be confused with Timbits 😉 –  so now I’m on constant lookout making sure she doesn’t eat anything she shouldn’t. 

Renovations with Pets

I can clean that up for you

One of my biggest fears has been a cat escaping out an open door as supplies are delivered and workers go in and out. But this week my biggest challenge was the opening of a wall to install patio doors. Not only was I on full time pug and cat watch, but we were all huddled together trying to stay warm as a large hole was made in my wall on one of the colder days we’ve had this November.

Renovations with Pets

It feels like someone’s left a door open

Renovations with Pets

I can help











As another week of renovations with pets is coming to a close I’m sitting here, exactly 4 weeks before Christmas, listening to carols on the radio and I’m wondering what are the odds that this mess will be gone in time for me to put up a tree and cook my family Christmas dinner?

Although we’ve had our Canadian Thanksgiving, my “positive” for this week is: I’m thankful to have made it this far with everyone and every pet safe.

If anyone has any suggestions or tips on how to get drywall dust out of the house and off every nook and cranny I’d be more that appreciative!






Author: Kelly Harding

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