Renovations with Pets – Week 2

We are nearing the end of our first full week of renovations with pets.

I think I got off easy last week when everything went so well. Mind you, we only had one day of work being done when our kitchen window was being replaced.

This week we are in full renovation mode with our basement being completely gutted.


To prepare for this week, I printed and posted these signs on our entrance and back door just as a reminder not to let the cats out!

Basement Reno

Don’t Let the Cats Outside

Basement Reno

Don’t Let the Cats Outside

The cats have always had privacy in the basement to use their litter boxes, but now arrangements had to be made to find a new location, one where they could find their litter boxes easily, and a place they would feel comfortable using their boxes so as to avoid any accidents and putting the cats under any additional stress.

With our house already in complete and utter chaos, the options of where to put the litter boxes was limited. Let’s just say the line-up for the only useful bathroom at the moment has gotten a longer!

If you’ve never shared your bathroom with two cats and two litter boxes, be prepared! There’s nothing like the feel of kitty litter on your bare feet as you step out of the shower! Or listening to them covering up their “business” at 4:00am! Really, just how deep do they need to bury it?!

Basement Reno

Sharing the bathroom with 2 cats and 2 litter boxes

I believed the cats were going to be my main worry while renovations were taking place. This week it’s a certain pug that’s trying my patience 😉

If you know Edie, you know she is a very social pug. Edie assumes the world revolves around her, and everyone who visits our house is here to see her. So my job this week has been full time pug duty keeping her out of harms way and making sure she lets the workers work and not spend their time paying attention to her!

To keep control of the renovation dust, a tarp was placed to seal off the basement stairs, but Edie figured out quickly how to get thru the curtain and sneak downstairs when no one – ok – when I  wasn’t watching her.

Basement Reno

What do you mean I can’t go down stairs?

Basement Reno

Oh hi! Can I come down to help?











Other than tethering Edie to me, how could I keep her safe and out of mischief? Well, just like a toddler, we had to barricade her access and now not only is she restricted to a couple of rooms in the house, so am I.

Basement Reno

What? I’m sure the workers like my help.

Of course, monkey see, monkey do, and now Lily cat has to see what’s going on too!

Basement Reno

Inspector Lily

Our first week of renovations is winding down and there are many more weeks to go. Each day my house seems to become smaller as I have to limit more of it to keep the pets safe and me sane.

I think during this process, it will be important for me to mention at least one positive for the week.

My positive for end of week one is: the weather! It has been amazing for November in Toronto, highs upwards of 20C! And that means on top of everything else, I haven’t had to deal with rain or snow – yet 😉

Author: Kelly Harding

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