Pet Rescue Stories – Introducing “Snazzy”

Its been a while since I posted a Pet Rescue Story on my blog. I always love hearing these real life stories of how people and pets come together. But more so, what it means to the pets involved and how their lives have improved because of the caring people that take them in and give them a second chance.

Today I share the Rescue Story of



Pet Rescue Stories - Introducing "Snazzy"


My name is Snazzy, and I am Mr. Ohio Pug Rescue!

Here’s my story . . .

For the first 8 1/2 years of my life, I ate, slept, and pottied in a little kennel at a puppy mill.  The people who ran the puppy mill also showed Pugs and Chinese Chins.  They eventually decided to get out of the pug business and contacted Ohio Pug Rescue.  When the volunteers arrived to collect me and 4 of my puggy friends, they found us infested with flees.  The bad man told them he had just put Seven Powder on us for the fleas.  Seven Powder?!  That’s a pesticide used in farming, and it had damaged all of our eyes.  I’m actually blind from it.

Ohio Pug Rescue got me cleaned up, including a dental (I only have 3 teeth), and I entered foster care.  Everyone was super nice to me, but it was becoming apparent that no one was going to want to adopt and old, blind pug.  There’s this one foster home where all of the “unadoptable” pugs go – the old, the sick, the disabled; and that foster mom gives them lots of love and care until they pass over the bridge.  I was sent to that home where I lived for some time.

Then one Saturday, Ohio Pug Rescue was having an adoption event, and my foster mom was sick.  Another volunteer was coming to pick up 2 of my other house mates when my foster mom said, “I guess you could take Snazzy, but you will have to carry him.  He’s blind and doesn’t know how to walk on a leash.”  The volunteer asked if I would ride in a wagon, and my foster mom said it was worth a try.  Saturday came, and this nice lady picked me up.  I was so scared.  I didn’t know where I was going, and I was away from my foster mom.  When we got to the adoption event, the nice lady put me in the wagon; and I LOVED it!  I was so good and rode around in it like I was made for it!

Pet Rescue Stories - Introducing "Snazzy"

Snazzy loving his wagon!

Throughout the adoption event, no one was paying attention to me.  There were 4 other pugs with me, and every one of them got taken out of the pen to be played with but me.  At one point, the nice lady told the other volunteers that she was going to get me out for a bit.  When she sat down with me, I buried my face into her neck and nearly wagged my tail off!  One of the other volunteers told her, “He knows his new mommy!” but she was afraid.  She had never been around a blind dog, and in the past year and a half, she had lost both of her pugs – one to cancer and one to congestive heart failure.  While she had adopted two girls from Ohio Pug Rescue, she was afraid and didn’t think she would be able to take care of a blind pug.

Well, I had got under her skin!  For almost a month, she apparently obsessed about me, read everything she could find on living with a blind dog, talked to others with blind pugs, and talked to trainers.  I thought she had forgotten me, but she hadn’t!

Pet Rescue Stories - Introducing "Snazzy"

Snazzy Crowned Mr. Ohio Pug Rescue in May 2016!

At the end of October 2015, that lady became my momma; and I am now living the high life!  I have a wonderful daddy, 2 sisters, and a grandma and grandpa that spoil me rotten!  Momma calls me her little hip nugget because the second she sits down, I’m on her hip where I will stay for hours.  We go to all kinds of cool places, and momma even bought me a fancy stroller to ride around in!  I feel like a king, and I was actually crowned Mr. Ohio Pug Rescue in May 2016!  You can see me and my queen on the Ohio Pug Rescue Facebook Page!  My mommy does a lot of posts on that Facebook page and also has one about me, my sisters, and all our puggy friends.  It’s called Pug Hugs, and she raises money for Ohio Pug Rescue by hugging pugs!  She’s hugged one of your previous interviewees – Hamilton Pug!

I think it’s very important for people to know that we old guys have so much love to give!

Pet Rescue Stories - Introducing "Snazzy"


Thank you to Snazzy and his mom for sharing their heartfelt story!

If you would like to read and see more about Snazzy be sure to follow him on Facebook:  Pug Hugs (@pughugsohio)

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