The Cat Threw Up Again!


Lloyd threw up again!


I stepped in puke!



The joy of a long haired cat –


Until Lloyd we never had the pleasure of being a pet parent to a long haired cat before, and no experience with the hairballs associated with them.

What do we do about these “presents” we would find under our feet in the morning?

We were told:

“Brush Lloyd regularly”

“Give Lloyd hairball ointment”

Not only do we brush Lloyd, but we shave him, not right down to the skin, but a buzz cut of sorts, and believe it or not Lloyd loves it, he hears the clippers being turned on and actually comes running to get clipped!

As for hairball ointment that’s another story.

 “Put it on his paws, he’ll lick it off”


I tried this tar like substance and all I ended up doing was cleaning it up off my floors and bed blankets after Lloyd flicked his paws trying to get it off.  No matter what flavour of hairball ointment Lloyd was introduced to, he wanted nothing to do with it.  I became so desperate to control the hairballs and Lloyd’s discomfort with them that I began squeezing it directly into his mouth – don’t even ask how that went!

Fast forward almost 3 months, and we are happy to say we’ve had no more than 3 “presents” left by Lloyd.


What did we do?

What did we give him?

Did we shave him completely?

It happened by accident.

Approximately 3 months ago, in addition to Lloyd’s dry food, (Royal Canin Digestive Comfort),  I introduced wet food, Digest Sensitive to his diet, the reason for adding wet had nothing to do with hairballs, but to assist Lloyd on his path to a healthier weight.


Is the wet food responsible for the decrease in hairballs?  I can’t claim that it is, nor does the product claim this as a benefit of it, but there is most definitely a decrease in them and for that we, our feet each morning and most importantly, Lloyd is thankful.

Disclaimer: All opinions in this post are my own.  The results/benefits of the product mentioned are my opinion and what I/my pet has experienced while on the product. I have not been finically compensated for mentioning the product or writing about it. I have received product from Royal Canin Canada in exchange for “@ediethepug, Edie the Pug,  Miss Edie the Pug” being Ambassador for Royal Canin Canada.

Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. Well you seem to be a tad bossy now Edie. Are you not aware that cats are the boss in homes (I had two cats before having dogs, so I know this to be truthful)? So you stepped in a little bit of puke, there are worse things, like how you just go anywhere outside to relieve yourself, so basically we humans step in your ‘stuff’ all the time, whereas a cat does his/her business neatly in a litter box. Maybe your humom should purchase a littler box for you? Though with those pug legs of yours, you may have trouble getting over the side of a littler box, I must put on my thinking cap for an alternative solution for you.

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    • Well Catherine. Who’s the bossy one here 😉
      I would happily use a litter box, as a matter of fact I have been known to step into one on the odd occasion, but for whatever reason humom never impressed when I do so?

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        • As much as it sounds like a good idea to have dogs use litter boxes – I don’t know of any humans that would want to clean those boxes out 😉

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  2. Poor Lloyd….and poor Humom! Hairballs are so nasty! Glad to see this Royal Canin food seems to be working to help that issue (even if it isn’t specifically for that). Hey..whatever works! Plus it’s healthy for him 🙂 Love Royal Canin…used to feed it to my rats and hedgehog…they LOVED it!

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    • I don’t know how more disturbed by the hairballs – humom who has to clean up after them, or Lloyd who produces them. I think Lloyd who suffers more. He has been so much better and happier since being introduced to the Royal Canin wet!

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  3. Hmmm, we do not have cats so we don’t know much about hairballs but they sure sound yucky. Bleck! I hope it is the food so as long as you keep giving it to the cat, there will be less puke piles in the house! Happy Monday.

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    • Oh Oz you have no cats? Well yes these hairballs are yucky, especially when I wakes in the morning and finds it under my paws!

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