The First Week’s Home with Puppy Edna

Well it’s been 3 weeks since bringing home our newest addition, puppy Edna, and what a three weeks it has been 🙂

This is not my first puppy rodeo LOL! Yes, I call it a rodeo because I sometimes I feel like a have a bucking bronco running through my house, or should I call her a steam roller, that plows through everything and everyone!


I knew what I was getting myself into but it’s amazing what you “forget” or choose to forget when it comes to raising a puppy.

So what has the first three weeks of having puppy Edna in our home been like and how have my other pets adjusted?

My biggest concern bringing home a new puppy was how my pets would react?

Edie, my pug, was my biggest concern, I wondered if she would feel I betrayed her after being the only dog for the past 7 years and used to receiving all my attention. Funny enough, I was least concerned about my cats Lily and Lloyd, both have grown up with dogs, and honestly, they like dogs!

The moment we first walked through the door with Edna, Edie’s expression was one of “what the heck is this?” Now Edie has been around other dogs before, but she really never gave them more than a second look. Of course Edie was curious about this miniature image of herself, she sniffed and gave Edna the once over but really didn’t bother much more than that. I wonder if Edie just thought Edna was only here for a visit and not a life time commitment LOL!,

I make extra effort so that Edie never feels left out, I give her extra attention and put her first as often as I can, never wanting Edie to reject or have any animosity towards our new puppy. But at what moment did I know Edie accepted our new puppy? It happened that first night puppy Edna was home! Let me explain.

When Edie was a puppy I crate trained her. Now first let me say that her crate was and is never, ever used as a punishment! Edie’s crate was and is a place she can feel safe, comfortable, relaxed and have quiet time when she wanted it, the crate is Edie’s little den and to this day Edie still likes sleeping in it. So it only seemed natural that our puppy Edna would be crated trained as well.

I always find the first several nights home with a new puppy the most difficult. Of course the puppy is unsure what is happening to them, they are out of their environment, they have been taken away from their siblings and mother, so I like to stay close to reassure and comfort the puppy on her on her first nights at home with us.

How did I do this? I slept our couch, of course with Edie happily curled up at my side, Edna was comfortably in her crate that was pulled up next to me so she could see me and know she was not alone. I was close enough were I could easily reach my hand into Edna’s crate to give her comfort and reassurance when she needed it. However, this was something I couldn’t have imagined happening! Much to my surprise it was Edie that helped comfort Edna that first night home. I can’t even begin to tell you how proud I was when Edie jumped off the couch and put herself between me and Edna when Edna started to whine!

It was then that I knew Edie had accepted Edna, and Edna would have the best big sister 🙂

The First Week's Home with Puppy Edna

You can lean on me Edna

As for me, I admit that puppyhood is a tad tiring, constantly watching for the signs of a puppy that needs to relive themselves and hopefully not on my carpet 😉 the early mornings, the sometimes long gaps between those precious pug naps, constantly watching the clock when out on errands so I am not gone for any great length of time, and you can rest assured that coffee is on continual brew!

Would I change a thing – NEVER!

The First Week's Home with Puppy Edna

They grow up too fast!

I’m going to embrace and enjoy each and every precious puppy moment because they grow up way too fast!

Author: Kelly Harding

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  1. After getting two puppies, 8 months apart, and the last one being Liam, I decided to adopt a 13 year old, LOL. If only they could stay tiny but be potty trained – pug perfection!

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    • I’m not sure I could imagine a home with two puppies only 8 months apart! Mind you, if you’re going to do it, might as well go for it, because if you have one puppy, what’s another LOL!

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  2. It is so much fun watching the Adventures of Edie and Edna… thank you so much for sharing them with us!

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