The Food Obsessed Pet

The Food Obsessed Pet

Pet Obesity Awareness

October is dedicated to having discussions and bringing awareness to pet obesity and the health issues that come along with it. In my previous post  “Pet Obesity Awareness Month” I touched on how pet obesity has become an epidemic and can shorten the lifespan of an overweight pet by as much as two years.

But while we continue to have these important conversations, let’s not forget about the toll it can have on the pet parent. We need to include the effects, and yes, the stress and frustrations pet parents of obese pets can face.

Pet Obesity Shouldn’t Be An Uncomfortable Topic

Not to be left out of these discussions are veterinarians. How does, or how can a vet sensitively have a discussion that a pet needs to lose weight? Is one way better than another? And what can a vet do or say to encourage a pet parent to follow through?

Veterinarians are looking for answers as well. They understand the importance of pets achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, but sometimes are unsure about how to initiate the subject with pet parents while not offending them. It can be a tricky, difficult, and sometimes, uncomfortable conversation to have.

I was approached by Dr. Alex Avery of Our Pet’s Health to join him on his podcast to discuss my journey as a pet parent, the frustrations I had along the way, but ultimately, my success of having lived with an overweight dog that was food obsessed.

I hope you enjoy the podcast below, and it answers some questions you may have. But importantly, that you know you are not alone with the struggles you are experiencing with your food obsessed pet.

The Food Obsessed Pet

Dr. Alex Avery of Our Pet’s Health

Author: Kelly Harding

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