This Week With Edie & Edna the Pugs

This week with Edie and Edna

Early Morning Walkies

International Cat Day

Nana’s 93rd Birthday Celebrations

It was still full-on summer heat mode this past week, so that meant early morning walkies to beat the heat, stretch our pug legs, get some pugercise and catch up on our very impawtant local peemail.

Unfortunately, there was no new peemail news to share. We guess our local pals are away on summer holidays. But once they return, we’re sure they’ll have lots of stories to share with us.

This Week With Edie & Edna the Pugs

Early morning walkies and checking in on the local peemail

International Cat Day

Thursday was International Cat Day – Can you imagine, a full day just for the cats 😉

Some of you asked if Lily and Lloyd would be making an appearance, so, being International Cat Day and all, we guess it only right that we feature our cat sister Lily, and cat brother Lloyd.

This Week With Edie & Edna the Pugs



This Week With Edie & Edna the Pugs


Me and Edna be looking at the calendar asking when International Pug Day is? Thinks we going to have to woof with the calendar makers about this obviously overlooked very impawtant day!

But of course Lily and Lloyd hold a special place in our pug hearts, even if Lily sneaks a nap in our pug beds or Lloyd tries to takes a lick out of our food bowls, Lily and Lloyd deserve their very own day to celebrate.

Happy 93rd Birthday Nana!

On Sunday we PAWTIED!

When it be your Nana’s 93rd birthday you CELEBRATE!

Me and Edna did gets up bright and early to get a head start on decorating. That meant lots of birthday balloons, streamers, and a birthday banner! Nothing be too much for our Nana!

Nana’s birthday is actually Tuesday, August 13th, but we wanted to start the birthday celebrations early. We spent the day outside with our Nana, enjoying the beautiful, sunny, warm day. And of course, what’s a birthday without cake?

This Week With Edie & Edna the Pugs

Happy 93rd Birthday Nana!

Me and Edna couldn’t agree on what flavour of cake, so we served her both vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. Although we not gets to eat any, we pretty sure Nana enjoyed enough for both of us 🙂

Happy Birthday Nana! 

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