This Week with Edie & Edna the Pugs

This Week With Edie and Edna the Pugs

July has come and gone and Edna and I can’t say we are sorry to see it go. As much as we love spending time outdoors, going for walks, lounging on our garden chairs, chasing the squirrels, we did NOT like the extreme heat and humidity!

On days it was too humid for us to play outside, our Humom did lots of mumbling under her breath about “can’t wait till Autumn returns”, no idea what her talking about, me and Edna just practicing our wrestling skills.

Pugs Gone Wild – Summer Smack Down 2019


Long Weekend Adventures

This past weekend was a long weekend and we – ok, Edna, enjoyed it by hanging out in the pool.
Of course I (Edie) do not understand why anyone would purposely enter a pool of water!

But then, Edna being Edna, not knowing any better decided to give it a try.

Not to be a spoilsport, and being the safe and cautious one in this pug house, I volunteered to be Edna’s LifePug. However, I did make it quite clear that Edna better not need any saving because these paws were not meant to get wet!

LifePug on Duty


Edna and I did agree on one thing this weekend


Up bright and early we packed up our Pug Limo and hit the streets of Toronto. Believe it or not, Edna even sat facing forward in her car seat for a change – I don’t know why her sit backwards in her car seat?

This Week with Edie & Edna

Long Weekend Car Rides are the BEST!

Edna and I had hoped to hit the beach for a walk, but seems everyone else had the same idea this long weekend 🙁 so off to our regular park we went. The trees were in full bloom giving us lots of shade from the sun, but with lots of trees come lots of squirrels! What is it with squirrels? They’re in our backyard, they be on our walks, they’re just be squirrels everywhere! Don’t they know it’s a pug world!

Anyways, back to our walk in the park. We did stop for a little break and had a seat on this bench. We made the humans stand because they only have two legs and we have four, so obviously WE walked more.


This Week with Edie & Edna


Edie the Pug Park Bench Plaque!

But this bench got me thinking…..I wonder what it would take to get my name on it?

I see other benches around the City with human names on them.

Why can’t a bench have a Pug name on it?

To be exact, MY name on it?

This Week with Edie & Edna

No one else’s name is on this bench. Why can’t my name be on it?

I tweeted the City of Toronto asking them how a pug, well not just any pug, but me, a proud Toronto pug, would  go about having my name on a plaque placed upon this bench. I’m still waiting for my response…….


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