Urinary Tract Disease in Cats – #Cattitude

I’ve always had cats.






I admire their independence – until they decide they want attention, which is usually soon after you’ve put your good clothes on and they insist on cuddling.

Cats can be finicky with their food – except at 5:00am when they decide their bowl needs a top up.

Cats are great helpers – especially when making the bed and they dive bomb the sheets to help tuck them in.

Lloyd on bed

I’m here to help you make the bed

There’s nothing like a cat to help you with your computer work – as they sit directly in front of the screen, watching the movement of the mouse.

Lloyd on computer

Want help with your blogging?

Vacuuming is fun with a cat – because there’s nothing like sucking up catnip mice they’ve played with once, swatted under the couch, and forgotten about – yet they’ve never stopped playing with that piece of tin foil you dropped on the floor for them months ago.

Cat beds – everywhere and everything in the house is “The cats bed”.


You wanted to sit here? I’m sleeping right now

Cats are great for the environment!  You will never – ever – be allowed to throw a box out again! Even if they haven’t slept in or sat in it for weeks. The minute you try to take it away they decide it’s their newest most favourite box ever!

Lily in box

But this is my favourite box!

We don’t need to bundle up in the winter to take the cat for a walk to do their “business” because that’s the great thing about cats, they use a litter box!

But what happens when kitty no longer uses their litter box?

  • Has fluffy suddenly decided the litter box is not good enough for them?
  • Maybe they don’t feel like walking all the way to the litter box and they pee beside it?
  • Or they pee on the carpet in a corner?
  • Even better, relieve themselves in a pile of laundry, clean laundry.

Has you cat suddenly developed “Cattitude”?


These can be the signs and symptoms of Urinary Tract Disease in your cat.

When your cat stops using the litter box, or has what you may call accidents outside the litter box, this becomes a medical issue and it’s time to have them checked by your vet for possible urinary tract disease.

Your vet may suggest a food that’s developed specifically to manage urinary tract disease.

Of course it’s always important to ensure your cat has plenty of fresh water available, even multiple watering stations about the house.


I prefer fresh from the tap thank you!

And of course we can’t forget to clean these litter boxes on a regular basis! Cats like clean boxes! You may want to place their litter boxes in a location that gives them privacy and makes them comfortable to do their “business”. If you live in a multi cat household, rule of thumb is one litter box for each cat, plus one. 

So the next time you think your cat is giving you #cattitude, what they could be telling you is a trip to the vet is needed. That is unless they just want to visit you at 5am, look closely into your eyes, meow their loudest as they paw your face. Then that just means they love you – or you need to top up their food dish 😉

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Dislcaimer: Views and opinions are my own. I have been compensated for this post as part of the #Cattitude campaign.

Author: Kelly Harding

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