Weigh-in Day

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Weigh-In Day


Oh dear

Maybe I shouldn’t have had those extra treats.



Is it too late to take my harness off?




I knew I was fine!

Down a couple of points!

That means I can have some treats now – right? 😉

Author: Kelly Harding

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    • Yes I did get a treat!

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  1. YES! Oh boy, next week is vet day.. I am somewhat dreading it… but your story gives me hope!

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    • Best of luck to you! Lets me know how you make out.

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      • Will do! I’m sure Mama and Papa will be taking extensive notes since this will be the first time we all go together as a family.

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    • Oh trust me! I does all my potty and I does a couple of zoomies around the house and garden before weigh-ins 😉

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    • Thank you for your encouragement! I was a little worried. You know. Winter weight and all;)

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    • That exactly what I keep telling everyfurone!

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    • My humom says we not call it a d-i-e-t, instead her try to convince me it a “healthy lifestyle change” Pfft! 😉

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