Why We Choose the Dogs We Do

Why We Choose the Dogs We Do

Do we choose a dog by breed, size, colour? Do we prefer a long or shorted dog? Maybe we want a dog that is full of energy to go jogging or camping, or would we prefer the quieter more relaxed dog that enjoys a short walk and a cuddle on the couch?

Where do we get the dog we finally decide on? Do we purchase from a breeder, or would you rather adopt a dog from a local shelter or dog rescue organization?

When my family was younger, we wanted a dog that was good with children and didn’t mind the hustle and bustle of family life. We talked to friends, read books, did our research.

We came to the decision that the Golden Retriever was for us and what a dog she was!

Her name was Winnie and she was part of our family for 9 years.

Why We Choose the Dogs We Do


We would not change those wonderful years and memories with Winnie for anything, but it was because of what we went through at the end of her life that we chose the dog we have today.

Winnie started showing signs of hip dysplasia at a young age and it was the last 18 months of her life that were the worst. It got to the point that she was unable to walk up and down stairs safely, causing her to become isolated from joining us in certain areas of our home. It broke our hearts.

As the main dog caregiver in the home, I didn’t think I wanted another dog because I didn’t know if I could handle the heart break again.

It’s amazing what a few months in a “dogless” house fells like. Yes, my vacuuming had decreased, yes I could sleep in again, there was no backyard cleanup or walks in cold wet weather. But guess what? I missed it all and then some. The house was empty, there was no dog to greet us when we came home, no soft head resting on your lap waiting to be petted.

We knew we could never replace Winnie, but we felt there was room in our hearts for another dog.

It was decided that our next dog was to be a small dog, that way if stairs became an issue we could carry the dog and they would not become isolated.

We looked at dogs, we researched different dog breeds, we talked to friends that had small dogs, and we kept coming back to the Pug.

Pugs, like most dogs, have their own health and attitude issues. And Pugs do have attitude! But what lets them get away with their antics is that pug face! Big eyes, smushed face, tongue sticking out, and that Pug head tilt from side to side! Who could resist?

Why We Choose the Dogs We Do

Who can resist the pug head tilt!

Its been almost three years since Edie our Pug has become part of our family. She makes us laugh with her funny antics, makes us agrivated at times with her typical Pug stubbornness, but would we change any of it – never!

Author: Kelly Harding

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